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Get More From Your Social Media

3 steps to be more effective with your socials. Here is a hint...posting should not be taking hours. You can do it in minutes.

No Fluff. Guaranteed.

We all have heard… social media is important. But this doesn’t answer the questions: What do I post? What do I create? What is considered a successful post?

And the big one…

I am spending way too much time thinking about this let alone posting something… how do I become more effective?

So let’s keep it simple! Here are 3 steps to being more effective.

Step 1: Just Three Words

Define your values with three words. Keep this simple!

Write three words that are important to you and your business.

For example, FreeStyle Production’s value words are: Inspire, Empower, Create.

Other examples for real estate: exciting, factual, inspiration, movement, life-changing, knowledgeable, motivation, financially savvy, support.

Make sure they are IMPORTANT to you!

Step 2: Audience Matters!

Define your buyer audience and your seller audience— who YOU want to connect with. One sentence each.

Example 1: Buyers, out-of-state looking to move into their new tech job in the Redmond or Bellevue areas.

Example 2: Sellers looking to sell their home to an up-and-coming family with kids so they can downsize to a smaller property and capitalize on today’s market.

Step 3: Give Your Content Direction

Use a picture or video and craft a message that encompasses ONE of your words, directed to ONE of the defined audiences.

That’s it!

This reduces the need to “come up with something new” for every post. You have your direction, you have your message/values, you have your audience. Now speak to them through your socials!

Should you want to take this to the next level with content creation, let us know. We will be happy to engage with you.

FreeStyle Out


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