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First we understand your needs, then create and deliver your unique marketing assets. 


We collaborate on a call to discuss your vision's direction, compile ideas into an execution plan, and schedule your film date.


Film day is an awesome experience where we all get together and work towards capturing needed material in order to craft your commercial perfectly.


This is where the magic happens. Our team gets to work in the editing room, bringing your production to life.


Efficient turnaround is our priority. We deliver on time giving your team the opportunity to review, send notes, and receive your final edit of your marketing. 



Meet our talented creative team! We are proud to have helped diverse brands amplify their message and expand their reach through powerful visuals.

Dru Solberg

Dru is the Executive Producer and Founder of FreeStyle Production started back in 2014. When there is a story to tell, Dru will uncover the potential and bring it to life through video.

Chase Ferrell

Chase is FreeStyle Production's Creative Executive who brings his top level talent of working behind a camera and managing crews since 2010. Chase is a complete mastermind of storytelling through creative video art.

Chase Ferrell With FreeStyle Production.jpg


Sean is not only a creative videographer who loves capturing unique story, he also loves to write and direct short films. Having Sean on set is like having a producer, videographer, and director, all at the same time. 

Sean Shkurhan (Black and White).jpg


Alex is continually seeking for new ways of seeing what he is capturing. As a videographer and a photographer, his talent in both are always shining with his fresh and unique outlook on creative projects.

Alex Chen Black and White.jpg