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Today's actions

determine tomorrow's success

The 60 to 90 day rule. it's critical.

Ensure your success. Seriously


If you have listened to YouTube and Podcast gurus like Ed Mylett or Tony Robbins, then you have probably heard this rule.

This concept explains that whatever you do right now, you will see the fruits (or rot) 60-90 days from now. The goal being: implement as much positive growth behavior as possible right now to see the reward in 60-90 days.

As a videography company, we are seeing a lot of agents slow down. “Taking this season off.” After seeing the early deals we now hear things like, “Jan. 2022 is going to be when it takes off. So we’ll just wait till then.”

Here is the dilemma-- 60-90 days from now, the agents who are busting their butts to stay in front of people, offering value, and delivering quality content & messages right now, are going to be the ones who take the business 60-90 days from now in Jan. 2022.

“They will receive the fruit”, as the saying goes.

Here is Our Encouragement:

Build a content plan for the next 60-90 days and stick to it. A lot can be done on your own.

Offer value through updates, stories, personal project updates, home designs, colors, new home trends, or interesting techniques to try out for home care.

ENGAGE with your audience. Ask meaningful questions. As a brand, the platform is about them. Show them you care. Help them draw their own dreams through the high-value content that you deliver.

If you need help creating a plan that you can effectively execute on your own, let's schedule a call. We will help you get started in the right direction.

And in 60-90 days from now, you will see the fruit. Guaranteed.

FreeStyle Out.

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