did you know marketers who use video grow revenue

49% faster?

Give viewers the opportunity to connect and engage with your business online through impactful video content.

Having been in business for 10+ years, you will be in the hands of one of the top video production companies in the surrounding area. We have worked with over a hundred businesses creating commercials and content video marketing to effectively increase product sales.

Social media, trends, and video consumption are continually changing. FreeStyle Production has proven to be ahead of the game. We always look for ways to create fresh and impactful video marketing across all media platforms.

About us



Meet the creative team!

Dru Solberg

Executive Producer and Founder of FreeStyle Production started back in 2014. When there is a story to tell, Dru will uncover the potential and bring it to life through video.

Chase Ferrell

FreeStyle Production's Creative Executive who brings his top level talent working behind a camera and managing crews since 2010. Chase is a complete mastermind of storytelling through creative video art.

Step by step Production process

We create content that is fresh and impactful moving viewers to take action. 




All complex scenes are conceived and set out onto a story board and the creation of the video wireframe. It informs how the content will look and feel, once created and finished.


Scouting, optimizing set design, formulating narration scripts and associated lifestyle imagery are critical for creating a successful shoot.

World class post production with a keen eye to optimize the content to its most impactful sequences and messages.


Quick turnaround is our priority. We want to get your message to your audience online quicker without compromising on quality.

Increase engagement 

Connect with your audience better by using stunning visuals and a powerful narrative of your story. Enjoy greater brand loyalty as you put out more content that resonates with your audience.


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